Making friends knowledge graph

This knowledge graph allows you to explore relationships in the Making Friends survey responses. The key insights are outlined in Making New Friends, but sometimes it’s fun to engage with the information in a more visual way.

The information is colour coded by category, where:

  • The blue range represents the demographics (e.g. age, context)
  • The red range represents how people think about friendship (e.g. key characteristics, benchmarks, friend groups)
  • The green range represents comments around making friends online (e.g. reasons for use, privacy)
  • Female and male respondents are represented individually as small yellow or blue squares respectively

Here’s an example of how you can interact with the information:

  1. Search for 25 to 44 in the search bar
  2. Select the node and press the focus button on the right-hand-side of the map
  3. Select the up arrow on the right-hand-side of the map in order to expand to all of the responses made by people in that age group