M1E1: Introducing The Reliants Project X Trigger Conversations

Thanks for joining this experiment! In between The Reliants Project regular podcast seasons, we’re going to start launching mini-series. This will allow us to explore specific topics in more depth, in collaboration with an expert from that space. For the next several episodes, I’ve joined forces with Georgie Nightingall from Trigger Conversations. Together, we will focus on a key ingredient to cultivating networks: conversations.

Georgie has been studying conversations for years, with the goal of removing boring ones from her life and make more of them meaningful. In 2016 she started running these experiences for strangers, which led her to start Trigger Conversations. So far, she has run over 100 gatherings for individuals and organizations, but she is still curious about what makes a high quality conversation. She is now on a mission to deconstruct all kinds of conversations to their raw ingredients.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How conversations are critical to cultivating our networks
  • Some of the things that hold us back from being more intentional in conversation
  • What types of conversations we’ll explore together in each episode of the mini-series
  • How we’ll structure the episodes to provide useful habits and tips you can use immediately
  • Some homework to get you started!