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S1E6: Michelle Rogan on Who Owns Your Network and How That Impacts Your Career

Michelle Rogan is an Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College London Business School. Her research explores how people and organisations’ social capital impacts entrepreneurship and innovation. In this episode we: – Talk about how small worlds show up in our lives – Discuss who actually owns your professional network and how that […]

S1E5: Noah Askin on How Networks Impact Creativity

Noah Askin is an Assistant Professor at INSEAD. His research is on social and cultural networks and how they drive creativity and innovation, particularly in the music industry. He also teaches organisational design and leadership and focuses mostly on corporate culture and organisational change. In this episode we: Discuss his research on musicians and what […]

S1E4: Alexander Gates on the Science of Success

Alexander Gates is a post-doctoral research associate at The Center for Complex Network Research at Northeastern University, also known as the Barabasi Lab. His research is focused on the science of success and the dynamics of academic careers. In this episode we: Discuss how you can apply the ‘science of success’ to further your career […]

S1E3: Marc Ventresca on the Importance of Diverse Networks for Social Innovation

Marc Ventresca is an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford Said Business School. His work focuses specifically on entrepreneurs and social innovators, understanding how they build networks to support their initiatives and how those networks evolve over time and influence outcomes. In this episode we: Discuss how entrepreneurs and social innovators build networks to […]

S1E2: Janice McCabe on How Your Friend Networks Impact Your Success

Janice is an associate professor of sociology at Dartmouth College and author of Connecting in College: How Friendship Networks Matter for Academic and Social Success. Her research explores how students make and keep friends as well as how their friendship networks help or hurt their academic and social success.   We talk about the different […]

S1E0: Welcome to the Reliants Project

Welcome to the Reliants Project Podcast. You can listen on all your favourite podcasting apps including: Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Spotify Listen on Stitcher We’ve launched the show with three episodes, including this introductory one. The first 3 episodes are: #1 Scott David on Connecting Insights to Action and How Knowledge Graphs Can […]