S1E0: Welcome to the Reliants Project

Welcome to the Reliants Project Podcast.

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We’ve launched the show with three episodes, including this introductory one. The first 3 episodes are:


The Reliants Project Podcast is a series of carefully curated conversations about how networks shape your wellbeing, relationships and community.

As your guide on the journey, I’ll do everything I can to help make the invisible visible. I’ll interview leading academics and practitioners in the field of network science and will also talk to people who deeply understand human relationships and behaviour.

I’ll ask them about their work and explore how they use what they’ve learned in their own lives on a day to day basis. The show will be packed full of high level concepts and practical tips to help you actively cultivate your network, whether your goal is to build your relationships more deliberately, make better introductions, or activate networks to make an impact in the world.