S2E3: Stephen Choi on Connecting During COVID and How Hi Right Now Can Help

Stephen is the co-founder and CEO of Hi Right Now. They run virtual speed chat events for communities to help their members connect with each other. They only started a few months ago and have already connected 1,000s of people around the world.

In this episode:

  • We talk about how his upbringing opened his eyes to the importance of networks
  • How COVID has impacted our ability to engage with those networks and meet new people
  • Why it’s attractive to people experiencing some form of transition
  • He shares what the Hi right now experience is like and what makes it more accessible and inclusive
  • We discuss the difference between being an extrovert and being able to connect meaningfully with someone else
  • The impact that certain connections have had on his own life



  • Hi Right Now’s mission is to empower humanity, to form deep, meaningful connections [2:58]
  • Realising that not a lot of our friends know each other and becoming proactive about introducing them to each other [4:01]
  • People who are  going through transitions in life recognize the need for connection more so than others [6:36]
  • MBAs are essentially buying their network [7:16]
  • What is a typical HiRightNow experience like? [8:55]
  • There’s something beautiful about a timed event [12:03]
  • How the platform breaks down barriers to engagement [12:45]
  • How introverts feel about this type of experience [14:29]
  • Example of hosting an event for the Instagram community Overheard Recruiting [15:23]
  • Example of hosting an events for London Business School alumni [17:15]
  • The difference between communicating and connecting [19:37]
  • Conversation skills that help people connect with others [20:26]
  • Do you have a sense of why dating apps are okay but using apps to make friends is not cool yet, and do you think that’s shifting? [22:26]
  • Common disruptions to our networks like relocation and divorce [24:55]
  • Is there anybody in your life that you can think of who connected you with someone that changed your trajectory? [31:02]
  • The importance of an abundance mindset [31:40]


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