S2E4: Zahra Davidson on the Power of Peer Learning with Enrol Yourself

Zahra is the founder and CEO of Enrol Yourself. They organise Learning Marathons, which are 6 month peer-led learning programmes for adults. They also run year long training programs for peer-based learning facilitation. She is passionate about lifelong learning and the power of peer groups to support it.

In this episode:

  • She shares how people use learning marathons to support big transitions like changing careers or starting new businesses
  • How people in the program benefit from their peers and the wider network helping them reach their goals
  • We also talk about how networks can support or undermine an individual’s personal growth
  • She explains how this type of learning environment helps people try on a new identity
  • We discuss what she’s learned about peer-based education through this experience



  • Explaining what Enrol Yourself does [3:21]
  • The value of this type of program to someone who is going through a transition [5:25]
  • An example of one participant’s learning question and how they worked through it using the programme [7:23]
  • How the peer learning groups are curated [9:30]
  • How peer learning groups support each other through the process and carry the ethos of peer learning forward [11:06]
  • What is the right size for a peer learning group? [13:38]
  • A metaphor of the peer learning group as a changing room for trying on new identities [18:04]
  • Is it better for the group to be strangers or friends at the beginning? [19:22]
  • Why it is important to have ‘learner’ as part of a person’s identity [21:24]
  • What have you found works to reach the people who would most benefit from this experience? [24:31]
  • The importance of people seeing themselves reflected in the message and marketing materials and facilitators [25:04]
  • Train the trainer programme [27:38]
  • The types of friendships that this has unlocked [30:10]


Connect to Enrol Yourself: website | twitter

Connect to Zahra Davidson: LinkedIn | twitter