S2E6: Lynn Greenberg on How Relocation Disrupts Your Network and Pivt’s Plans to Help

Lynn is the founder and CEO of Pivt. Their service helps improve the well being of relocated employees and their families. They support people through the whole relocation process, from considering a new opportunity, planning the move, to aclimating to the new city, all grounded in the power of networks and social support.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What activities help grow your network after relocating
  • The cost and churn that companies incur trying to move employees
  • The various stakeholders that are a part of the process
  • How COVID has changed the market of relocations
  • Some interesting results from expats in a survey they conducted during lockdown


  • The two types of things you need when you relocate [2:16]
  • What activities help to grow your network after you’ve relocated? [3:12]
  • Great advice if you’re moving to a new place [5:23]
  • The cost and churn of relocation for companies [6:22]
  • What holds people back from moving to a new place? [8:14]
  • How long does it take people to aclimate to a new place? [9:10]
  • What would a perfect relocation experience look like? [11:03]
  • Transition from a consumer proposition to a business proposition [13:54]
  • Importance of a having a common thread to build trust [14:23]
  • Different friends for different needs [16:11]
  • Staying close to the user and features that didn’t work [17:02]
  • How moving compares to divorce and death in terms of stress [19:00]
  • Managing stakeholders that are part of the relocation process [20:52]
  • Shocking survey results from relocated employees [25:32]
  • How COVID-19 has changed the relocation market [27:31]
  • The rise of employee-driven moves [28:32]
  • What’s the difference between moving domestically vs. internationally? [30:19]
  • Learning through other people [31:24]
  • A connector that has be instrumental [33:14]
  • How to end every conversation [34:42]


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